American Students and Professors Proclaim Romania, "The Best Ever”

American Students and Professors Proclaim Romania, "The Best Ever”

A visiting group of American scholars and students were all very favorably impressed by their first visit to Romania when they participated in an international conference that was held at Danubius University in Galati from September 13-15. The conference theme was: “Two Democratic Societes in Transition: Exploring the Post-Covid-World” and it was timed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership agreement between Romania and the United States.

Danubius University has always shown interest and involvement in both  the global and local communities, and has regularly sponsored the debates and scientific events in which personalities of high academic and professional standing have been involved.

This particular international event, wich was co-sponsored with prestigious US partners, such as “Bryan College”, “Bryan University”, “Dynamic Experiential Learning”, “California State University, San Bernardino”, “St. Mary's College of Maryland: The National Public Honors College”, “University of California MERCED”, “University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign”, “University of Maryland Eastern Shore” and the “University of Richmond” was attended by a number of internationally recognized personalitieswith highly regarded involvement in the issues that also give the content of the topics.

First session focused on the role of higher education in facilitating  social progress in democratic societies was a very important opportunity for Dr. Ronald Crutcher (President Emeritus and University Professor, University of Richmond and Board Chair, American Council on Education) to present how access to university education can change the destinies of young people who are the leaders of tomorrow in their countries, young people who follow their dreams and ideals in building a flourishing career.

During the conference, the audience had the opportunity to find out the latest results of researchers Dr. William Darity (Duke University), Dr. Leonardo Badea (National Bank of Romania), Dr. Ioan Craciun (National Institute of Research and Development in Informatics) , Dr. Louis M. Hebert (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Dr. Gloria Thomas (President of Higher Education Resource Services, University of North Carolina), Dr. Walter Allen (Allan Murray Cartter Professor of Higher Education, Distinguished Professor Education, Sociology and African American Studies, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies) and others.

During one of the conference sessions, which was moderated by the Rector of Danubius University, Dr. William B. Harvey, student leaders from the American universities were involved with Danubian students in a very intense discussion about international relations and future possibilities. The student team consisted of Josi M. Barscz (University of Southern Indiana), Bogdan Gotu (Danubius University), Hortensia Amanza Guizado (University of Southern Indiana), Daria Iftode (Danubius University), Cynthia Duncan Joseph (University of South Carolina) and Lee A. Moore (University of Southern Indiana).

At one point during this session, Lee Moore declared that the experience in Romania was amazing, full of moments of joy, and he felt very welcome in the company of all the Romanian scholars and students, too. The sense of connecting with his coleagues was the main benefit of all their meetings, and the slogan of this team was ,,The places connect people, or the people connect the places,,.

The conference experience was mentioned by Dr. Gabriela Mustata-Wilson, a professor from America who was born in Romania, on an interview for one local TV station, where she had the opportunity to share very interesting information about the valuable scientific contribution she made during her session. Dr. Wilson said that ,,Danubius University was the first academic institution in Romania that organized such an important scientific event with psyhical presence and the rector, Prof. William B. Harvey, an American professor and researcher gave the opportunity to all the Americans Professors to take part in a unique and full of academic results which will be part of the following research projects of Danubius University and all the universities that sponsored this major event in the scene of the academic life of this country.

This Romanian American conference received many favorable comments from the participating students and scholars, including: "This event met and surpassed my expectations.", "I applaud Danubius University for hosting this excellent conference."

All the scientific papers presented on the TDST International Conference cand be studied on the website of the Danubius University`s Journals - https://dj.univ-danubius.ro/.

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President of Danubius University,

Dr. Andy PUSCA

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Dr. William Harvey

Dr. Gabriela Mustata - Wilson,

University of Texas, Arlington, SUA

Dr. Gabriela Mustata - Wilson,

University of Texas, Arlington, SUA

Dr. Ronald Crutcher,

President Emeritus and University Professor, University of Richmond and Board Chair, American Council on Education

Dr. Oana Armeanu,

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