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Research is the link between idea and progress. It is the typical human activity that brings extra performance and comfort in a civilized society. It is the superior representation of curiosity and the testing of this curiosity.

Professor Dr. Habil. Florian NUȚĂ
Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs

In the modern world, scientific research is essential for communities that want to continuously overcome their condition. Progress is the essence of human civilization, and scientific research ensures this progress. However, the emphasis is on maintaining the conditions and possibilities for progress from one generation to another (sustainable development). Thus, it is also scientific research that must find the measure of things and organize the development priorities. Also, through scientific progress and the accumulation of knowledge, innovative communities find the path to sustainability and discover how to compromise between progress at any cost and sustainable progress.

The paradigm of the modern world has changed. We have evolved from "think big" to "think green." The paradigm of progress is changing and is being reformulated every day. Under these conditions, moving from speed through effort without limits to speed by calculating the minimum effort is a goal that scientists around the world are constantly working on.

We, as a university and as an innovative community, must contribute to this paradigm shift effort. We are the ones who, through direct effort but also through those we prepare for active life, participate in building a sustainable world.
That is why the scientific research activity must be understood as an essential element not only of the university or research institution where it is carried out. This is because this activity is delocalized both by its object - which must refer to the real needs of society - and also by results - which are the response of the scientific world to those identified needs.

At “Danubius” University, we propose a systemic approach to scientific issues, an approach in which all stakeholders have their place - from pupils and students to specialized institutions and local and national authorities. This approach ensures the progress and success, not only of us, but of the community at large.

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