Student League


“Danubius” Student League is a student association established within Danubius University of Galati, by students, for students. The Students' League is addressed to all Danubian students who pursue a development of their own potential through volunteering activities and through the numerous conducted projects and events.

LSUD is an apolitical and non-governmental association and brings together members from all Schools of Danubius University, regardless of their year of study.

LSUD supports the ideas of students challenging them to get involved in Danubian student life on a daily basis. Capitalizing the students' managerial skills is the main goal of “Danubius” Students League.

Other objectives are to create a student-entrepreneur network and business incubators for young students.


  • Promoting the general and specific interests of its members in all fields of activity and developing specific programs in the field of information, training and education of students;
  • Respecting human rights and protecting their freedoms;
  • Supporting the increase of local responsibility in the social and environmental protection fields;
  • Organizing exhibitions, presentations, introductory courses in language learning, projects, activities, events, conferences and seminars, round tables;
  • Establishing a permanent dialogue with teachers;
  • Informing students about the application of European legislation in the economic, financial-accounting, legal, business ethics, etc.;
  • Association with other organizations with similar interests in the country and abroad;
  • Organizing actions with a professional-scientific, cultural, sports, tourist or other specific activities;


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