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I had the pleasure to be a master student at “Danubius” University of Galati between 2011 and 2013, graduating from the Master of European Law Studies, within the School of Law.
The way in which the professors from this university left their mark upon my further development, not only from a professional point of view, but also personally, was remarkable for my journey.
I met valuable people at the university, among whom I should mention Mr. Associate Professor Andy Pușcă, PhD, Mrs. Professor Vasilica Negruț, PhD (she was the coordinator of my dissertation) and Professor Doinița Ariton, PhD. These professors, but also the rest of the academic staff, gave me the opportunity to rediscover my passion for studying law, but also broaden my cultural horizon, not only in the field in which I have studied, but beyond it. In my current job, studying law helps me to easily recognize certain diverse cases in the IT field.
The university library fulfills the highest quality requirements, and the learning model was based on group collaboration and brainstorming, proposed by the rector of the university, and those were relatively new techniques in Romanian universities at that time. At the same time, the international openness of the university to the European and North American academic environment was an important criterion for which I chose to study at this top university.
I should mention that Danubius University instilled in me a sense of pride when I knew I was its student and a future graduate.
My human and educational growth has materialized with the dissertation exam. The way in which the professors guided my steps within the university was remarkable and, with the greatest pride, I can say that I am a graduate of Danubius University of Galați.
I confidently recommend to students and future students to continue their university and postgraduate studies at this prestigious university.”

Dragos Bujor

ERPM/HCM Snr. Customer Success Manager, Customer Success Hub, ECEMEA
Oracle Romania


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