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„Punct de vedere cu privire la cursurile de scriere a proiectelor Erasmus care nu sunt organizate de ANPCDEFP”

Internship Opportunities for DUG students

For application, instructions and further detail, the Erasmus+ Office of Danubius University remains at your disposal: mihaicristache@univ-danubius.ro, Tel: +40.757.028.428.

1GLOBAL TRANSLATORS company, located in Barcelona, Spain, offers translation and interpretation services in all languages. We offer the opportunity to do an internship for a period of three months or more in the Project Coordination, Human Resources department, and the Administration department.


ADMINISTRATION (from May 2022):

- Billing, payment management, collection management, accounting

- Manage the finances of the company

- Check and record invoices (for clients and suppliers)

- Verify and record bank transactions

- Manage calls and emails

- Logistical management


HUMAN RESOURCES (from April 2022)

- Organising the employees, freelance translators and the new interns

- Update the database of professionals

- Communicate with candidates for internships

- Look for new translators

- Be in charge of the management of communication of CVs we receive

- At least a medium high level of Spanish is required



- Coordination of translations and interpretations

- Contact with clients and translators

- Preparation of quotations

- Project assignments

- Translation, interpreting and proofreading orders/acceptances for our clients and suppliers

- Delivery of translations

- Call and email management



- The internships take place in Barcelona, except for the coordination department, which can be online or in person

- We offer the opportunity to do combined internships in 2 departments.

- All trainees will have a tutor and will be supervised by the tutor.

- The internships have the following monthly support: 100€ (4h/day), 110€ (5h/day), 125€ (6h/day), 150€ (7h/day) and 175€ (8h/day). The total amount of the remuneration will be paid at the end of the internship (not monthly).


We are looking for responsible and multidisciplinary students who can work with us developing their own abilities.


Minimum requirements:

- Spanish and English (high spoken and written level)

- Office Pack (advanced user level)

- Internship Agreement from University/College


Furthermore, I inform you that we do not guarantee the student´s placement until the internship agreement is signed by all parties. There is a maximum period of 1 month to carry out the agreement formalities.

UMES partnering with university in Romania to explore exchange programs



The Fulbright Student Program

The next competition will be announced in February 2022, for academic year 2023-2024.


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The 2022-2023 Fulbright-RAF Scholar Award - Eligible Field: Entrepreneurship


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