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The curriculum we offer to our students is in line with everything that is happening today nationally and internationally, which makes such a graduation diploma be recognized, through transferable credits, anywhere.

Associate Professor Liviu-Mihail Marinescu, Ph.D.

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The Faculty of Communication and International Relations is a structure of the "Danubius" University, which was established by merging the Faculty of Communication Sciences with the Faculty of International Relations and European Studies. This approach was legitimized by GD No. 966/2011. The Faculty of Communication Sciences, Specialization Social Communication and Public Relations was authorized to function provisionally by Government Decision No. 693/2003, starting with October 1, 2003, regardingaccredited university structures and specializations or authorized to function provisionally in higher education institutions. In 2004, by G.D. 1609, the name of the specialization became Communication and Public Relations.

The initial structure of the curriculum was 4 years, and as a result of the Bologna Process it switched to a 3-year structure. Thus, in 2007 two series of students graduateda long-termserieand a short-term one. After two undergraduate series and with a much improved teaching staff, the Communication and Public Relations study program was accredited by G.D. 169/2011.
The Faculty of International Relations and European Studies, Specialization International Relations and European Studies was established based on Recommendation no. 1700 of 15.07.2005 of the National Council for Academic Evaluation and Accreditation and was authorized to operate provisionally for full-time study by GD no. 676 of 28.06.2007, published in the Official Gazette no. 481 / 18.07.2007.

Development from the first day as a student

Research projects and partnership with academic and research institutions, from the country and abroad, International Conference "European Integration - Realities and Perspectives", organized in May at the "Danubius" University, International Conference "Danube - axis of European identity" which is organized every year on June 29th, the international mobility programs carried out provide our students with many opportunities to prove themselves during their studies.

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