Economic Sciences Faculty


Faculty of Economic Sciences

The values promoted in a Europe of knowledge and competitiveness, in which human resources represent the most valuable asset, constitute, since its establishment, landmarks of the educational process within the Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Associate Professor Ecaterina NECȘULESCU, Ph.D.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences trains specialists, researchers and leaders in the economic field, able to support and develop economic and financial activity, to manage and influence the value dimension of society, thus responding to the increased demands of the labor market in Romania and the neighboringEuro-regions, according to the economic and social specifics and the development requirements of the respective geographical areas.

Through the exceptional material conditions it provides, through teachers with rich experience in education, research and practice, the Faculty of Economic Sciences continuously invests competence and dedication in the future of all those who continue their training in specific fields: finance and banking; business Administration; Accounting and Management Information Systems.

Development in a European context

The Faculty of Economic Sciences promotes education and research in accordance with the requirements of a society based on knowledge and continuing education in the interest of society, engaging in debates and projects of the local community, to shape a new development framework in the European context.

Professionalism and competence will always be the landmarks of a society, along with the moral values, mandatory in the profession of economist. In the modern society, where there are no more borders in economic and financial terms, the results are based on value and performance, and the unit of measurement is success, our faculty ensures skills and turning projects into reality. The series of graduates of our faculty prove the truthfulness of these statements, through the important role that a large part of them have acquired in society.

Exploit with confidence the status you have gained by graduating from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, set yourself more and more ambitious goals, focus your energy and intelligence on the success of each of you and build on this step a future beneficial to the whole society, at the national and European level.

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