School of Economic Sciences and Business Administration


School of Economics & Business Administration

The School of Economics & Business Administration is a first-choice school for students that wish to become specialists in economy, in a knowledge-based society which is globally interconnected, based on professionalism, skills and competencies.

Associate Professor Carmen Cretu, PhD

The School of Economics & Business Administration (FSEAA) was authorized for functioning by the Romanian Government Decision no. 294 of the 16th of June 1997, being accredited by the G.D. no. 1609/2004.

The School is a collaborative and stimulating university environment, adaptive and sustainable, oriented towards the needs of stakeholders – students, academia, and representatives of business, small enterprises, as well as corporations or financial-banking companies. It balances teaching and research activities with interpersonal relations with the external environment in order to ensure a distinct and quality personality,

The consumer’s voice, the voice of the beneficiaries of education services will be heard to ensure a framework for continuous improvement of the quality of our services in order to develop their skills and competencies, in the fields of finance, business administration, accounting and economic information technology, as well as in cybernetics and statistics.

A school must create added value by creating knowledge. This knowledge must be disseminated starting from the know-how, the experience and the expertise of the disseminators, of academia, of collaborators and partners with real-life, practical experience. Bachelor and master students are directly involved in this process, by participating in scientific events organized each year by the University and also by other universities.


Many of the awarded papers have been published in specialty journals: Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, EuroEconomica, Journal of Accounting and Management or in the conference proceedings.

Proactive to change

Our activity is connected to the national and international context, it is inspired by the need to be proactive to economic, digital and technological change, and it aims at identifying solutions for a constantly changing society.

The school must change along with society, it must permanently adapt to students’ and employers’ needs, to being effective and performant in research that is reported in relation to business. It’s all about the people that generate the change to ensure operational excellence, to facilitate innovation and to attract new development and engagement, ensuring legal compliance.

The school is focused on people, on their needs, whether they are students, partners or the business environment, academia or support staff, they all constitute a community, with the major objective of increasing the impact of this community in the results obtained.

Specific strategic objectives:

1. Developing a trustful partnership with students, since the education process is student defined and student centered.

2. Ensuring management that is oriented towards creating added value, knowledge and know-how transfer.

3. Creating a spirit of university community and encouraging team work, by learning a performant, proactive, participatory and transparent management style, part of a culture based on performance and honesty, fighting against corruption and incompatibilities.  

4. Aiming for excellence in scientific and innovation research.

5. Developing national and international strategic partnerships with the business environment, inter-university and interinstitutional cooperation on a regional, national, European and international scale.

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