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The library of the Danubius University, fundamental part of the academic offer, satisfies through its equipment and atmosphere the need for knowledge and professional training of future specialists of the national and European economy. With a collection of more than 45 000 volumes made up of books, collections of scientific magazine, patrimony books, the library is of precious help for future specialists in legal, economic sciences, international relations administration and communication, including professors that find here their main source of latest scientific information. 

The offer of the library is not only limited to the profiles of existing specialties, book and magazine purchasing also have an encyclopedic character. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, history books and general papers are available for the members of the academic community so as to avoid training limited to the field of study. The enlargement of training towards fields connected to the subjects and to general knowledge better harnesses the personality of the specialist, student or professor. The 10 hours of daily schedule are an essential part of the training in the academic offer. 

Based on the "non-profit" principle, the "Danubius" University of Galati works in consensus with the Constitution and the laws that regulate Romanian higher education, aiming to train specialists with up-to-date levels of knowledge and performance, to promote education forms and methods of education in agreement with the progresses of humankind and also with human rights and liberties.

Modernity imposed an organization of the book collection with a focus on the latest purchases in every field of the sciences studied through the curricula. The offer also includes the books of Danubius professors, the courses for the studied subjects, reference titles for each field, including a donated old book library, everything being accessible through the online system, so that no question remains unanswered when a reader comes to our library.

The library gives access to Romanian and foreign data basis. Through the legislative data basis Sintact and Indaco, the users of the library are connected to the newest legislative, legal practice and doctrine modifications. Also, it offers access to 14 online magazines in the fields of law and economy.

The agreement to adhere to Anelis Plus of 2012, still in force, brings a priceless benefit to the library and to the entire university. Through the access to foreign data basis, ProQuest Central and Cambridge Journals, the library enriched its resources with more than 22690 online materials, periodicals, dissertations, newspapers, reports, documents, video clips from various fields, accessible through an institutional ip. Of all these, 7060 specialty magazines of interest for the studied fields in our university have been selected and listed. The resources are both in foreign languages, especially in English, as well as in Romanian.

For details access the link below:

Romanian and foreign magazines with online access through the Anelis Plus agreement.

The online system (Tinread) offers the possibility to access information concerning the library resources.  Upon accessing the link, the option Search will switch to Advanced search, so that one can search for volumes according to the title, the author, the subjects, the year of publication, etc. After selecting a cerain paper one can find information such as the title, the author, the details of publication, ISBN, quota (by selecting the option Professional) as well as their availability in the library. At the same time, readers can engage in an online dialogue with the librarians and they can receive additional information.

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