All four schools of Danubius University - the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration, the Faculty of Communication and International Relations and the Faculty of Behavioral and Applied Sciences, together with the President of the Board of Administration, the Rector, the Senate President, the Vice-Rector for the Teaching Activity, the special guest of DANUBIUS ALUMNI, the deans, professors, graduates and their families and friends, celebrated the graduation of the Bachelor programmes for CLASS 2023, in a generous ceremony, on the first Saturday of July, right in the amphitheater where the founder of Danubius University of Galati, Professor Benone Pușca, organized the first commencement of the first class of Danubius University!

The moments full of emotion, joy and gratitude made this graduation ceremony a memorable event for Danubius graduates!

The programme started with the singing of the Romanian anthem, then the entire audience received a blessing from the parish priest Catalin Buia, who told the graduates how important it is to believe in themselves and in their future.

The rector of DU, Dr. Steve O. Michael, was the host of this ceremony and, in the speech given at the beginning of the event, he said that: "The past does not matter, as we cannot have control over it. What matters is the future, and what we do today prepares us for the future we imagine. I invite you to join me in seeing what is possible.

I invite you to see a bigger and flourishing Danubius University. Don't look at what is today, but look at what Danubius University will be tomorrow.,,.” (We invite you to read the entire Rector's speech by accessing this link - https://www.univ-danubius.ro/en/news/rector-s-speech-2023-commencement).

The President of the Board of Administration, Dr. Andy Pușca, reminded us all about the wise words of the Founder of Danubius University: “Being a student means eternal youth!”. He also wished the graduates to believe in their future, in the good training they acquired and they would be brave and full of enthusiasm, no matter what path they would take in life!

An emotional moment was also the speech of the special guest, Mr. Costel Fotea, president of Galati County Council, former graduate of the Faculty of Law within Danubius University, member of DANUBIUS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. He remembered his student years, the courses, the mentors who influenced his career, the years spent in Danubius University and expressed his gratitude to all those who made the 4 years of studentship matter in his professional life.

The President of Danubius University Senate, Dr. Georgeta Modiga,  thanked the graduates present in the amphitheater and the entire audience and expressed her thoughts full of encouragement and confidence in the success on all levels, of CLASS 2023!

The most awaited moment, the deans offering the graduate certificates to all graduates, was received with long applause from the relatives, friends, and supporters of our graduates!

In the end, GAUDEAMUS IGITUR and the throwing of caps, moments of maximum joy for all those who were declared, by the Vice-Rector with Teaching Activity, Dr. Filip Stanciu, GRADUATES!


We invite you to access the link to have access to the photos of the Commencement - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EGK36d9yB5psljEUv4eosfFxNxC9M6J-


Oana Draganescu

PR&MEDIA Manager

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