Student of the Month - November

Student of the Month - November

Bogdan Gotu – The Kaleidoscopic Youngster

Bogdan Gotu is a sophomore within the Faculty of Communication and International Relations of “Danubius” University and his belief is that “being a Danubian student is an opportunity offered to young people in this region to study in a university providing superior education of high quality”. For Bogdan, being a Danubian student “implies a personal academic self-outrun will and willingness of adapting to learn new additional thought patterns needed in the development and molding of social competencies”.  

Smart and dynamic, the youngster got involved, since his first year, in a large number of extracurricular activities. Therefore, he participatd in the 16th International Scientific Conference “European Integration. Realities and Perspectives”, organized by “Danubius” University, with two exceptional papers: “Defining corruption - an analysis on the sabotage of Laura Codruța Kövesi in the race for the head of the European Prosecutor's Office” and “Russian Interests in the Black Sea Region”. Furthermore, he took part in the student scientific communication session held by the Faculty of Communication and International Relations, with the following presentation: “Geopolitical Perspectives: The Pandemic Resizes the Forces that Influence Globalization”. Bogdan didn’t miss the opportunity of being part of a panel of the international conference “Two Democratic Societies in Transition: Exploring the Dynamics of a Post-Covid World” either, addressing the audience in English. For the time being, he is a volunteer for the Department of Communication and International Relations.

With regard to the disciplines that Bogdan finds appealing, he says that all of them are equally important, but reckons that he is eager to find out more from the course of “Negotiation and mediation in international relations”, taught in the third year, arguing that “a skilled negotiator is, firstly, an expert in Psychology” and also telling about himself that he is “inclined towards a pacifist nature and towards one of helping the people in need”.

In addition to his Danubian studies, Bogdan attends the courses of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy within “Dunărea de Jos” University in Galați, his major being Dental Medicine, is an intern at the Institute for Political Cyber Studies and volunteer for the National Antidrug Association. Moreover, he is part of an online internship program at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, being also recently accepted by the National Information Academy “Mihai Viteazul” for an internship. 

How are all these preoccupations prone to go together? “I wish to pursue a career in Intelligence or diplomacy and later to also mix the dental medicine domain in my professional life”, the student explained.

As expected, Bogdan is demanding regarding the accomplishment of his personal objectives. Still, he told us that socialization is part of his priorities. Furthermore, he finds time to practice Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu being also fond of foreign languages and social psychology.

Asked what else he would want the Danubian community to know about him, the student entrusted us with one of his beliefs, mainly the one that “for being successful in any chosen field, passion, dedication, sacrifices and transversal competencies are required and most important – the first <<no>> shouldn’t come from within”.

We are so proud of you, Bogdan! Congratulations for being selected Student of the Month! You fully deserve it! 


Assoc. Senior Lecturer Petra Alina Marinescu

PR&MEDIA Consultant

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