Student of the Month - October

Student of the Month - October

Daria-Elena Iftode – “The All-Knowing Kid”

Cheerful and gregarious, a sophomore, Daria-Elena Iftode studies Psychology at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations, at “Danubius” University. This special youngster told us she chose “the Diamond on the Danube” given the young faculty and the vast material basis the institution offers, being also motivated by the graduates’ successful carriers.

Daria didn’t lose any time and, when being a freshman, she decided to enroll in the Students League. This quality has already given her the chance to be part of a number of challenging Danubian projects. Daria was a volunteer for the “Love Festival”, an annual event organized by the University, but also part of an insightful workshop focused on personnel development, which she found useful for her future psychologist carrier. But the most important project in which Daria got involved until now was the international academic conference TSTD - "Two Democratic Societies in Transition: Exploring the Dynamics of a Post-Covid World". On this occasion she became part of the organizing team, having the honor to be selected Student Advisor to the Rector. “I had the opportunity to exchange ideas on various topics as education, politics, economy and health with the American students Hortensia, Lee and Josi who, meanwhile, also became my friends”, told us Daria with enthusiasm.

Regarding her academic activity within the Faculty of Communication, the student is especially interested in disciplines as “Psychology of Age” or “Social Psychology”, being fond of the study of human behavior. As a future psychologist, Daria looks to work in the fields dedicated to family psychology and that of couples therapy.

Alongside with her Danubian studies, Daria is also enrolled in two other faculties. She attends the courses of the Law Faculty, at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iași and also the courses of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, at the “Dunărea de Jos” University in Galați. It doesn’t come as a surprise that her friends gave her the following nickname: “The all-knowing kid”. Daria explained to us that she loves to constantly learn new things and she always tries to be up-to-date.

But Daria’s interests go beyond the academic sphere. She loves to travel, is passionate about the plurality of cultures and of foreign languages. Moreover, the youngster reckons to be “hungry of history”. You might not believe it, but Daria also finds time for her to relax: “I love to spend my evenings playing society games, with hot tea, dear friends and lots of good vibes.”

We are so proud of you, Daria! Congratulations for being selected Student of the Month! You fully deserve it!  

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