Student of the Month - December

Student of the Month - December

Cecilia Olteanu – An Angel of a Person

Cecilia Olteanu attends the courses of the Psychology School of “Danubius” University of Galați. One of her greatest wishes is to wake up in the morning and “in only a few minutes, to be on the Danubius hallways, going anxiously and full of curiosity towards the classroom”.    

Cecilia is grateful for the fact that our predecessors made great efforts that, sometimes, are known only by themselves so that we can learn from “home”, and for her home means Galați and Danubius – at her own home.  

The student explained to us that, from the beginning, she chose to fit in through collective endeavors, taking on diverse responsibilities. She believes that one has to invest personal resources and time to centralize needs – hers and her colleagues’.     

Cecilia is passionate by neuro-programming. “It’s a sort of continuous proof of the world’s moral greatness, a decryption of a language that has always told a story about Creation”, she confessed.

Regarding the disciplines she studies, Psychology of Education is one of her favorites, but also Traumatology, this being the class they wait with anxiety and for which she prepares by accumulating basic knowledge she needs.

Cecilia spends a lot of time reading and appreciating quality time with her family. Moreover, she said that she loves to go hiking, at least once a year. “I was also blessed with valuable friends with an unimaginable human quality and, nevertheless, I always keep an open soul for new life experiences and friendship relationships”, she added.


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