Student of the Month - March

Student of the Month - March

Mioara Șerban is first year student at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations and she had chosen to study at "Danubius" University because "Danubius University helped me to discover my true value and the most important thing, never give up on my dreams".

Before attending the University, Mioara studied to become a general medical assistant, then, having a strong desire for a career in forensic science, she chose the "Faculty of Law" of Danubius University. But about this subject, she confessed: "Things can change, that's the only way we realize what we want from life, better sooner than later. What made me stop wasn't because of the teaching staff or my colleagues, either, the teaching staff are extremely well trained and I made connections with my colleagues, but I didn't find myself. At that point I felt I had to quit. I don't regret anything, because everything I learned helped me to enrich my knowledge."


The student also joined the Students League, getting involved in many University events, about which she told us that "Participating in the events organized by the University, and believe me there were many, I learned to make the most of my potential and to make the most of it. I am of the opinion that in life you have to experience as much as possible, learn as much as possible and want as much as possible. What happens next?  You discover your inner self.".


The young lady journey did not end, so after giving up the Faculty of Law, she decided to enroll in the Faculty of Communication and International Relations, specializing in Communication and Public Relations. She is currently part of the University's PR & Media Department, which makes her extremely successful at the moment. The young lady started this stage of her life through volunteer activities, actively participating in all events of interest. Mioara says that: “I discovered certain skills that I may not have known until then. Thanks to the new team or rather the family I joined, I "caught" wings, they made me love what I do, and even more I "grew up" together. I continue to be impressed every day, seeing with my own eyes the professionalism, the passion, the openness and the extremely vast baggage of knowledge that I have. ”

The student also promotes Danubius University on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and writes articles about the events that take place at the University. He told us about these activities: “I can't say that it is very difficult, but it is not easy either because you always have to know what the future students want to know, but also the current students from a University. I try as much as possible to use my dynamism and openness to students by unraveling their little secrets, socializing and keeping in touch with them. As for writing articles for the University website, this is not new to me. I have a personal blog, but I admit, lately I have neglected my audience, but I am about to develop a new project, which I have been thinking about for a long time. Writing is a talent is the ability to convey feelings, to manifest, to be me. ”


Mioara characterizes herself as a creative, comprehensive, sometimes emotional, but open to  new. He loves photography, videography, art in the true sense of the word and wants to develop these passions as well.

Mioara Serban combines her passion for beauty with her profession as a communicator, managing to integrate what she learns within the Faculty of Communication and International Relations with what she practices, day by day, in the PR & MEDIA department, where she benefits from the support and experience of her colleagues, former Danubius University  students, Lucian Panait and Constantin Lepadatu, who are professionals in the field of visual communication.

What makes the student of communication go further, confident that she can succeed in life, is her belief that: “Life is so short, simple, beautiful, and we are the ones who get in the way. Sometimes things didn't work out the way I wanted them to. I have always been eager to learn new things, to learn as much as possible and to discover myself. This makes me always remember the saying "you are the result of all your deeds". You have to fight for what you want, for happiness, for love, for your dreams. ”


Oana Draganescu,

PR&MEDIA Director

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