Student of the Month - April

Student of the Month - April

Georgiana-Sabina Rusescu


Rusescu Georgiana-Sabina is a 2nd year student at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations, specializing in Communication and Public Relations, a student who wishes to nurture her thirst for information in as many fields as possible.

Before attending university studies, Sabina studied at a post-secondary school in the city of Brăila, as a pharmacy assistant, but after this she told us that: “I realized that it did not suit me. I decided to take a break in order to find myself and then, one day, I decided I wanted to go to univeristy and I did not want to go too far away, therefore I went to see Danubius University programs.

I was somewhere between Communication and Psychology. I chose Communication and Public Relations because I felt that it fit me like a glove, I felt that  was what I wanted to do and here I am.”

For Sabina, the teacher-student relationship is very important, as it motivates her to have the best results and she says about it that: “I want to believe that I get along very well with all academics, the thing I really appreciate about them is that they always consider us as being equals."

Sabina is an eminent student, eager to learn as many new things as possible. To the question "What is her favorite subject?", the young woman found it difficult to choose a single subject, her answer being:

"Many of the subjects fit me perfectly, my favorites were Introduction to the Media System, Introduction to Public Relations, Introduction to Advertising and Advertising Discourse Analysis, Multimedia and the list goes on."

Sabina told us that students should choose Danubius University, because “it is a very good environment where they can develop both as a student and as a person. It is the place where I managed to overcome certain fears and barriers. I wanted to have a complete student experience when I came here, that is why I chose to join the Students’ League, to meet new people, to get involved in beautiful projects.”

The young woman is passionate about reading and told us that: “Every year I set a goal in this regard, this year I set 25 books and I have already read 9 of them. I love to produce content of any kind, whether it is about photography, articles written on my blog (which turned 8 this year), or videos for my YouTube channel (which turns 5). I also love traveling and listening to my friends, give them advice, being considered the on-duty psychologist.”

When it comes about the future, the student mentions that: “it is a question that I honestly run away from, I don't know what the future holds for me. The only thing I want is that, whatever I choose to do next, to be something that makes her happy. What I surely know is that I still want to work online, especially on YouTube, where I want to gather a community as large as possible, currently being over 3000.


You-tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sabika15

Blog: https://www.frumuseteavorbeste.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sabinarusescu/


Sabina is a convinced optimist, she believes that #lifeiswonderful and she only wants to do things that make her happy and this is what she urges the others around her to do.

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