Student of the Month - May

Student of the Month - May


He is a first year student at Danubius College, specialization Cameraman – Photojournalist.

"Seeing is in itself a creative act", says Henri Matisse. What it is important is to keep our eyes wide open. Everything around us can be a source of inspiration. Creativity consists in seeing things in a new form, knowing how to listen, following your intuition and I would add a determining element: passion, which is the motivation that pushes us to do things with our heart and put ourselves at the center of everything we achieve.

Investing in yourself, in the passions and things that bring you pleasure, offers a lot of satisfaction and joy. The desire to improve myself, to keep up with everything that is new, the curiosity and especially the love for photography and image determined me to enroll in Danubius College. And I was inspired, because here I found a friendly, professional, positive environment, conducive to developing new projects and materializing new ideas.

I have already collaborated with the multimedia department. I contributed to filming and creating the presentation clip of Danubius College, I was the photographer of several events held at the University and I hope that, in the future, I will take part in as many special events as possible, I will be able to make a positive contribution to them and leave my personal mark on them.

Photography, after chess, is the greatest love. The two of them are related to the vision you need to put them into practice. Chess, after years of work and study, gave me the satisfaction of a FIDE master's title that I am very proud of! My passion for photography came naturally many years ago, when I was exploring the omnipresent beauty of Italy, a country that adopted me for twenty years. Its beauty deserved to be captured and immortalized not just with the eyes and soul. From here, there followed many special experiences, in which photography was in the foreground.

What I have learned, captured, materialized from the courses and collaborations with the multimedia department I am already applying in my work as a video director. I recommend Danubius College for the opportunities, openness, high-level professional and human experience, for the relaxed atmosphere, for the way you feel from the very first moment that you are part of a family!

Thank you, Danubius!

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