Student of the Month - February

Student of the Month - February

Cosmina Mioara Tenie – A Future Ludicrous Psychologist 


Cosmina Mioara Tenie, a freshman of the School of Psychology and Biomedicine, chose “Danubius” University to be her alma mater as in the past she used to be on the same halls, times she recollects to have been “some of the best in her life”.


My first major was Economic Sciences and Business Administration.“I remember dearly of that time as both colleagues and teachers created an environment meant for me to attend classes with pleasure. I loved to answer to questions put in courses and seminars and I felt no stress at all”, she told us.


What she appreciated the most was the fact that the University put at their disposal the opportunity of student exchange, special places where they could rest between classes, and especially the fact that the teachers were really coping with all their problems.


“Welcome home!” she was told when she brought in the registration folder for entering a domain she was attracted to and that was prone to help her grow in the desired direction.  


The student has got involved in the University’s projects ever since her first interaction with “Danubius” and continues to do so: “I contributed, among others, at editing an economical dictionary, and now, when being a Psychology freshman, I debuted as a singer, singing at a private, internal, event. Moreover, I was invited to sing in a charitable event that took place within the University – an event that made me extremely happy and fulfilled a great wish of mine”.  


Cosmina says that “if one wishes an academic life as presented in the movies, being a Danubian student provides one with such an experience due to the friendly environment, open to help one grow.” Plus, “you are not forced to study, you are determined and satisfaction is on the level”, she confessed.


The student is passionate about music. She took canto lessons, but also practices by herself, trying to be better and better. “It’s a hobby I have always loved, but which I have put into practice only recently. That’s why I can say that I am at the beginnings and I have a lot to learn”, she told us.


The young woman says she is a positive, full-of-life person. She likes to be always up-to-date and to learn new stuff. She is open to challenges and has always new ideas, having great people alongside. 


At last, Cosmina told us that she wants to bring happiness and good will there where needed, as she struggles to share time, happiness and joy with everyone around.


Assoc. Senior Lecturer Petra Alina Marinescu

PR&MEDIA Consultant

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