Rector and CEO of Danubius International University promoted the global educational leadership in China

Rector and CEO of Danubius International University promoted the global educational leadership in China

In furtherance of the internationalization of Danubius International University, Dr. Steve O. Michael, Rector and CEO of Danubius International University, visited several schools and educational institutes in China.  The purpose of the visit includes reengagement with the old partners, cultivation of new ones, promotion of joint educational initiatives and exploring ways to contribute toward the " The Belt and Road Initiative.”  Xian International University, a partner of several decades, renewed its commitment to the Association for the Global Advancement of Universities and Colleges (AGAUC) of which Dr. Michael is the President and the plan for the 2025 Annual conference to be held on its campus in Xian. 

Zheng Shi, Dean of the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization School of Economics and Trade said he hopes Rector Dr. Steve O.  Michael’s visit is an opportunity to carry out cooperation between Romania, U.S., and China around language training, short-term study, bilateral business cooperation, etc.

Dr. Steve O. Michael congratulated the leadership and the Director, Mr. Jason Zheng, for the establishment of SCO.  “The vision of SCO is important in our current polarized world.  Whatever can bring us together across nations, across cultures, across religions, to trade together, to work together, to study together and to find common solutions to our seemingly intractable challenges is good for China, for Romania, for the U.S., for Russia and for the whole humanity,” Dr. Michael said.  At the SCO Pearl International Expo Center, Dr. Michael met with the contingent from Khuzestan, and visited the Egyptian and UAE sites. 

In Qingdao, Dr. Michael and his hosts, Mrs. Caroline Zhou and Mr. Henry Leng, visited Qingdao Engineering Vocational College, Qingdao Institute of Technology, Jiaozhou No. 1 Middle School in Shandong Province, Jiaozhou Experimental Middle School and other places of interest.  He noted that institutions in China are allowed to have subsidiary businesses.  One institution he visited has a bakery, supplying bread to students and its immediate community, and the other has a winery.  “This type of business ventures brings reality to entrepreneurial institutions,” Dr. Michael noted. 

On May 7, Dr. Steve O. Michael met Sun Ke, Chief Superintendent of Jiaozhou Education and Sports Bureau, Zhou Zhaoxia, Chairman of Jiaozhou Education International Exchange Association, and Assistant Chairman of Jiaozhou Education International Exchange Association. He looks forward to further strengthening cooperation and exchanges in the future, promoting common development of both parties, and contributing to the educational and cultural exchanges between the youths of the two countries.

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