President of the Administrative Board of Danubius University, working visits at two universities in the USA

President of the Administrative Board of Danubius University, working visits at two universities in the USA

At the beginning of May,  Dr. Andy Pusca, President of the Administrative Board had 2 working meetings at the University of Texas at Arlington and at Jarvis Christian University, Texas, on which occasion he met again with professors and managers from these two important higher education institutions. During these working meetings, various educational projects were proposed for Danubius students and faculties, research partnerships organized by the American universities, courses and trainings  for DU students, specialized trainings for faculties and administrative staff of our university, too.

The partnerships with the University of Texas at Arlington and Jarvis Christian University, Texas represent extremely important steps for Danubius University in its way to internationalization, but also for the educational policy initiated by the Rector and CEO of DU,  Dr. Steve O. Michael.

Presedintele Universitatii Danubius vizite de lucru la doua universitati din SUA

Dr. Andy Pusca expressed his confidence that these partnerships will bring important benefits to our university and stated: "Thank you, Jarvis Christian University, Texas, especially to the President and Provost, for the warm welcome and for the project ideas we discussed,  based on our partnership! Special greetings to Dr. Kenoye Eke, from Jarvis Christian University, Texas who was the facilitator and contact person at Jarvis Christian University, Texas and Dr. William Harvey and Dr. Steve O. Michael who lead the partnership from Danubius University. 

Thank you, dear friends from University of Texas at Arlington, for the wonderful meetings we have had, based on our partnership! We are especially grateful to our international advisor, dr. Gabriela Mustata Wilson, who is the soul of our collaboration and our advisor for student activities, Ioana Dumitrescu, tennis player and UTA and Psychology student. I am grateful to  Dr. William Harvey,  special advisor in Romanian-Americans Affairs, and Dr. Steve O. Michael, American Rector and CEO of our university who made all of this possible. 

It was a great pleasure for me to meet all our friends from UTA and  Jarvis Christian University, and to start working together for our future projects!"

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