We are inspired by the stories of students who choose to step out of their comfort zone and participate in learning mobility and/or traineeship activities in EU countries, both during and after successful graduation.

This is also the case of Georgiana Neculcea, a recent graduate of the International Relations and European Studies undergraduate program at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations. She applied, was selected and is today the beneficiary of an Erasmus+ Student Mobility grant for a 12-month Internship - starting August 2023 until the end of July 2024, in Germany, at MCS Trucking GmbH Company, in the Export-Import Management Department, according to the Erasmus+ guidelines.

Georgiana gave us her perspective on how she perceives this experience - "For me, the Erasmus grant is an opportunity to experience a new culture, to work in a different social and cultural environment, to develop communication skills and new skills. It is an experience that will definitely open my horizons and help me grow both personally and professionally.

The Erasmus+ experience will open the way to new professional opportunities, new friendships and connections at European and international level, which will remain present in my life after the end of the mobility activity. For a start, I see the chance to learn new operating systems and improve my language skills.

This experience will also help me to develop personally, to go beyond my limits and to adapt to new and challenging situations. I will learn to manage resources wisely and to cope with cultural diversity, thus enriching my perspective on the world. The Erasmus+ programme is more than an academic opportunity. It is a unique chance to explore and I am fully grateful to Danubius University for it!"

The remarkable experiences of studying remain engraved in our souls forever, and among them the study and training experiences generated by the Erasmus+ Programme play a major role.

Students who undertake such mobility in universities in the European Union and beyond get to know each other better, learn new things both about others and about themselves, develop new skills, make lifelong friendships, in other words, live unparalleled experiences.

Good luck, Georgiana!

We wish you a dream experience, we are proud of you and we can't wait to hear how your Erasmus+ training experience is going!


For more information about the Erasmus+ programme you can visit https://univ-danubius.ro/programul-erasmus-plus/erasmus.

Also here you can find the list of partner universities and for more details, our colleagues can help you https://univ-danubius.ro/departartamentul-de-relatii-internationale/echipa.


Mioara Lepădatu,

PR Specialist

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