Success stories on the Phenomenal Women 2022 stage

Success stories on the Phenomenal Women 2022 stage

#PhenomenalWomenClub. The first series of events dedicated to sharing the success stories of phenomenal women around the world for all those who aim in life to achieve everything they set out to do, with ambition, courage, strength, integrity and beauty. The general director of the AGERPRES National Press Agency, Claudia Nicolae, opened this series of "Phenomenal Women" events.

Claudia Nicolae's presentation took us through the fascinating world of information, news, word manipulation, the science of discerning what is true and what goes in another area, that of fakes in the information area. She spoke to those present about those who spread false news and the purposes that lead them to use this tool, how to identify fake news or how to find a site that was created specifically to misinform.

The audience of students and high school students, accompanied by their teachers, was delighted to discover the woman Claudia Nicolae, who came to inspire young women who are at the beginning of the road in building a career, the woman who had to face various obstacles , some more angular, others more destabilizing, but all these events built it, shaped it and gave it the strength to run one of the largest news agencies in Europe, the National Press Agency AGERPRES.

The participants were greeted, through a video message, by the rector of Danubius University, prof. Univ. Dr. William B. Harvey, based in Washington, D.C.

President of Danubius University, Assoc. Dr. Andy Puşcă, also pointed out in a video message that "all women deserve support for what develops in us as human beings, they are our creators, they are the ones who amplify everything we want to do, to be and to have on Earth and in the Universe. They are the representatives of the force of attraction that we call love, the force of attraction of the Universe that holds us together, bound in the same ecosystem ".

The first conference in the "Phenomenal Women" series was moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Alina Beatrice Răileanu, Vice-Rector for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, who showed that through the series of events The aim is to recognize those people who have made a contribution to local and regional development and who can be role models for pupils and students.

We aim, through this series of events, to recognize those people who have made a contribution to local and regional development, but who have managed to gain international recognition, people who can be role models for you, who can be mentors in their careers. you people who inspire us every day in everything we do. At the same time, there are people who, more or less, have collaborated with Danubius University or maybe even have their roots in these places and are always ready to help you further ", said Alina Beatrice Răileanu,

The event was also attended by the director of the Museum of Brăila "Carol I", Dr. Costin Croitoru, who welcomed the idea of ​​such an approach and proposed that the publishing house owned by the museum publish the presentations of the "Phenomenal Women" conferences. .

Costin Croitoru also offered the general manager of AGERPRES two medals beaten by the museum with the portrait of two women of international stature - soprano Haricleea Darclée and doctor Ana Aslan, both from Brăila.

The Phenomenal Women series has the mission to connect and empower women and young girls, through their personal support for professional growth, for the development of leadership skills, through coaching and mentoring.

Danubius University aims to create safe spaces to discuss women's strategies for career and business advancement, to capitalize on the strength of women and young girls across the board. Also, through this series, we aimed to promote interdisciplinary thinking leadership and the exchange of knowledge between women leaders in various spheres of economic, social, cultural and political influence.

Phenomenal Women Series is one of the events that are being organized throughout 2022, under the auspices of "30 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE IN UNIVERSITY EDUCATION, in which the entire Danubian community celebrates 30 years of Danubius University.

The official media partner of this series of events is the AGERPRES National Press Agency.

The event was broadcast live here https://www.facebook.com/DanubiusUniversity/videos/1104985326927931


Oana Draganescu

PR & MEDIA Director

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