Gabriela Mustață-Wilson presented her success story with dozens of phenomenal students

Gabriela Mustață-Wilson presented her success story with dozens of phenomenal students

This series of events dedicated to the celebration of phenomenal women aims to fill the Great Hall of Danubius University with people who aim in life to fulfill not only their childhood dreams but also all the professional plans that take shape, especially during adolescence. Dr. Gabriela Mustață Wilson has taken on a very important role for her students from all over the world - to share publicly how much courage is needed to be transformed, by life, by society, by people around you, even by her own family, to exclaim, one day: YES! I did it!

The presentation given to the audience by Ms. Wilson was like an imaginary journey through her life; the slides were full of memories that made her parents, who were seated in the first row of the Great Hall, wipe their tears several times. It is not easy to remember your past from the communist period, but it can be an incentive for anyone to start listening to history, as it is, to understand it. Gabriela Mustață Wilson's childhood dream was clear: The United States of America! And with a lot of perseverance, enthusiasm, courage, desire for transformation, joy, strength, and a lot of power, she succeeded. She learned. She studied. The secrets of chemistry were discovered in Romania. Then, in Belgium, she continued her studies in molecular biology for two years. The University of Houston gave her the opportunity to pursue a PhD in computational biochemistry. The rest is history! The pharmacological industry, molecular modeling, and drug design, followed by health informatics, specializations that have revealed her strength to succeed in any field. Now her academic home is at the University of Texas at Arlington, where she inspires her students of all nations as a professor and co-director of the Multi-Interprofessional Center for Health Informatics (MICHI).

The wish of this phenomenal woman for all of us is as simple as it is profound:” Trust in your abilities more than anybody else. Life is full of challenges and hardships, and you will always have people around you who will try to slow you down or even stop you.”

The lesson learned and generously shares with all her students is inspired by former US First Lady Michelle Obama: “Success is not about how much money you make. Success means the difference you make in people's lives.

Chapeau-bas, Gabriela! See you next time!


Oana Draganescu,

PR&MEDIA Director

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