Danubius University participates in PLOTO project

Danubius University participates in PLOTO project

Danubius University participates in the PLOTO Project, co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Innovation Actions under grant agreement No. 101069941, with a duration of three years (September 2022 – February 2026).

PLOTO aims at increasing the resilience of the Inland Waterways (IWW) infrastructures and the connected land infrastructures, thus ensuring reliable network availability under unfavorable conditions, such as extreme weather, accidents, and other kinds of hazards.

PLOTO includes 3 pilot sites in Belgium, Hungary, and Romania and 20 partners from 8 European countries that will work together for the next 42 months.

The role of Danubius University in the pilot site is to make socioeconomic studies, co-definition of research and market needs, business consultancy, training, and research dissemination. Also, climate parameter analyses will be developed to measure the climate change impact. It is intended to adapt solutions and modify design parameters or include additional ones to achieve the desired IWW and connected infrastructure applicability. For more information about the Danubius University role in the project please click here https://ploto-project.eu/ploto-partners-under-the-spotlight-udg/ .

For more information, please visit PLOTO Website and connect with us on LinkedinTwitter , and YouTube.


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