Phenomenal Women come to Danubius University to share their success stories

Phenomenal Women come to Danubius University to share their success stories

As one of several celebratory events that Danubius University will host next year to mark the thirtieth anniversary of its founding, a set of public presentations by extraordinary women from around the world has been established as the Phenomenal Women Series (PWS).  Beginning in January of 2022, and continuing on a monthly basis throughout the year, the PWS will harness the collective wisdom, experience and energy of inspirational women of all ages and backgrounds in service of the Danubius values of excellence and inclusion, as well as underscoring the importance of supporting and giving back to our community, the nation, and the world.  The participants in the PWS have reached the highest level of their chosen professions and have achieved an enviable record of accomplishment.

The first presenter in the PWS will be Claudia Nicolae, General Manager of AGERPRES.  As the first women to lead AGERPRES, which is the oldest news agency in Romania and the first autonomous agency in the nation, Ms. Nicolae stands at the forefront of the fight to maintain a free and objective press that presents the truth, and works in the service of the whole society, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age, or political preference.  AGERPRES has been in existence for more than 30 years, and as the first woman to lead the organization, Ms. Nicolae is a true source of inspiration for everyone who understands the importance and value of being able to access fact-based, reliable information at a time in which a flood of disinformation is presented to the public on various platforms.

Claudia Nicolae is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism, Hyperion University, of a master's program in Foreign Politics and Diplomacy, but also of one that related to Security and Good Governance. He was editor of The National Independent, The Daily, the A.M. Press News Agency, Bucharest, The National Daily "Gardianul", Bucharest, Romanian News Agency AGERPRES, Bucharest and she coordinated Political section of two important media channels. Ms. Nicolae was Adviser, Minister's Office, Ministery of Interior, Buchares and, from November 2018 till present, she is General Manager of  Romanian News Agency AGERPRES, Buchares.

Danubius University of Galati is a private, entrepreneurial institution of higher learning that accepts its responsibility to present experts and leading thinkers on various topics, as a means of informing the public and raising awareness in the communities and to the constituencies that we serve.  We are committed to eliminating gender discrimination in all fields and our university intends to inspire the next generation to actively pursue parity.  We are proud of the fact that among the senior administrative positions of the university, half of them are held by women.  This distinction makes us unusual in the region in a positive way, and we are proud to lead by example.  The PWS is designed to promote, communicate, and amplify the influence of highly accomplished women and in doing so it is intended to inspire both the women and men who will become the leaders of the next generation.  The speakers will share with the audience experiences that have shaped their character, influenced their ways of thinking, and left a mark on their lives.

The audience of PWS will delight us with their success stories starting with January, next year, and the events will take place in the AULA MAGNA of Danubius University, in a hybrid system, and will be broadcast live on all social media channels.

The Phenomenal Women Series will be co-organized by AGERPRES, the official media partner!

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