Professor BENONE PUŞCĂ, PhD - honorary citizen of Galati City

One of the most complex and prolific personalities of Galati, Professor, magistrate, playwright, Benone PUŞCĂ always remained straight in the face of fate and demonstrated that the great battles of life are won serene, without anger, through tenacity, inner strength and value.

Over time, he wrote plays that were played at the Dramatic Theatre, scripts for radio and television, two of which were awarded in national competitions.

He has published over 100 research papers, for students and professionals, on issues of constitutional law and international public law and he is a member of the most prestigious international association in the world.

The tenacity, respect for knowledge and personal development, the will to change something in the community have urged the professor to bring, in 1992, the academic excellence in Galati City. Thus “Danubius” University was born, a standard academic institution for the academic environment of Galati.

Through hard work and dedication, Danubius has become, after nearly 24 years, the place for spiritual maturity and intellectual development of the next generation, with a valuable academic staff which is enriched annually with valedictorians. A model university with beautiful and valuable people who knew how to maintain alive the fire of the most important asset: CULTURE. To this treasure Professor Benone PUŞCĂ, PhD, Doctor Honoris Causa of the University Leibniz in Italy and the "Vasile Goldis"University, Arad, Romania, has built here in Galati, the most perfect altar: “Danubius” University.

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All these are evidence of a prestigious scientific and educational career and he has been recommended for the title of honorary citizen of the Galati City, Mr Professor Benone PUŞCĂ, PhD, the title was offered in the Awards Gala of Galati, an event that took place on Wednesday, December 16, at the Musical Theatre “Nae Leonard”, Galati.

During the ceremony, Professor Benone PUŞCĂ, PhD gave Mr. Eng. Marius Stan, Mayor of Galati, his latest novel, Labyrinth of Life, a novel that describes the life of Benone PUŞCĂ since he has “opened his eyes in the crown of an old walnut” in the family of Ștefan PUȘCĂ, in Panciu, Vrancea County until now, in these turbulent times for his country, for his city to which he has dedicated himself fully in thought and deed: “The country is undergoing today by other adversity, and I cannot face it, I can no longer help people as I did before. We live other times, though full of sadness and, believe me, meaner than ever. I feel, though I have no evidence, that someone is lurking in the shadows, making us still more harm. We will suffer greatly, perhaps more than ever, but I know one thing: We will not be crushed! No, because God is with us! ... But until when will we have all these experiments, all these wanderings through the labyrinth of time? Europe does not see that by biting Romania, it bites itself? Some moralists say that those who raise their hands upon their parents, their arm will dry. This could be a finding, a warning, it can be anything. The main point is for some on earth to never forget such a thing, and keep that unseen arm as far as possible from the frontiers of my country.”

Congratulations, Mr. President! We are honored, once again, to be part of the “Danubius” University family!


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