Taxe si burse




I. The fee on enrollment at a faculty - 130 lei

Study fees - between 2.600 and 3.050 lei per year, the following methods of payment being made available:

1. Full payment at the 1st of October 2014 - 2.600 lei

2. Payment in 3 tranches (60%, 20%, 20%) - 2.800 lei

3. Payment in 12 monthly tranches – 3.050 lei

II. The fees and other fees for the academic year 2015-2016

Study fees - between 3.000 and 3.450 lei per year, the following methods of payment being made available:

1. Full payment at the 1st of October 2014 - 3.000 lei

2. Payment in 3 tranches (60%, 20%, 20%) - 3.200 lei

3. Payment in 12 monthly tranches – 3.450 lei

The tuition fee can be paid both directly at the cashier and through bank transfer. The "Danubius" University's account number, in which one can transfer the payment, is: RO87INGB0010000041708911, open at ING Galati. In order for the payment to be operated properly, please specify at O.P. the following data:

-The full last and first name (including the name in the birth certificate, where appropriate);

- The specialization;

- The form of education-(full time learning, distance learning, part time learning);

- What the payment stands for (tuition fee, outstanding exams, and re-examinations).

In order to pay the tuition fee at the Cashier, you must come at the University premises between 8:00-15:00, from Monday to Friday. Please keep the proof of payment until graduation. In the tuition fee, the following are included:

  • study manuals in electronic form
  • access and the using of sets of questionnaires of control tests
  • access to the virtual and physical library of the University
  • access to the communication systems between students and the mentors
  • access to the University's laboratories( I.T., foreign language and multi-media, criminal sciences, legal clinic)
  • direct didactic activities ( tutorial and applied activities, examinations)
  • general counseling and vocational guidance (with the exception of tests performed with specialized software or personnel - pedagogy, communication, organizational culture and communication)
  • guidance in one year and B.A. projects
  • guidance for the carrying out scientific papers
  • participation and support in student scientific research activities
  • preparation for attendance in specialized national and international competitions for students
  • informing students concerning news in fields of study and education (related to the institution, at national and European level - EuroInfoGhid center)
  • the opportunity to participate in Erasmus study programs or internships funded by the European Erasmus + program

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