Radu Stancu: PhD at Strasbourg and Teacher of Law at “Danubius” University

We want quality education. We want for the young people to enjoy classes, to dare to ask, to be satisfied with their teachers' answers and to understand them. But that depends on the art with which the teachers pass on what they have accumulated in so many years of study and, in particular, the experience that they have acquired over time.

The teacher must be a magnet for its students. He is the one who grants his subject the attribute of being "difficult" or "mild", "dull" or "interesting". He must feel and adapt to the dozens of natures of his audience in the classes or seminars for as many dozens of reasons. He will be fulfilled only if he manages to attract the sympathy of his students who forget about the break just to clear few things from the course.
This is the profile of the Danubian academics that we have decided to reveal the true stories of people who have chosen to become teachers out of passion.

Radu Stancu is such an example. He graduated from the Doctoral School of Law, Political Science and History - Centre for fundamental private law within the Strasbourg University, a university from which he also graduated the master of "Fundamental Private Law and European Studies."

"I have two objectives which I pursue in my academic future. Better said two modus vivendi. Firstly, I want to convey to students the legal knowledge as much as I can, secondly, to evolve in terms of research quality.
I think those two goals can be meet at Galati. At the same time, the framework for teaching activity at the university, i.e. the space of unrestrained expression of freedom of thought and movement determines me to believe that it will complete my teaching career at "Danubius" University."

We welcome Mr. Dr. Radu Stancu's option to join the academic staff's team so enthusiastically at the Faculty of Law and we believe that his presence, as a person trained by the best teachers at Strasbourg, the "home" of the European Court of Human Rights, a university that has received this year a new Nobel prize for research, will maintain the spirit of "a different type of teacher" who deserves to be explored by the students.

Spokesperson - "Danubius" University
Ana Alina Ionescu DUMITRACHE

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