Danubius University of Galaţi is in the 2015 Top of Companies from Galati organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Galati

On Friday, October 30th, The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIA) has celebrated its 25th anniversary since its reestablishment. On this occasion, the CCIA has organized the 2015 Top of Companies from Galati and it has awarded the companies that stood out in the business environment from Galati, demonstrating that they are able to operate under competitive conditions, at the European efficiency parameters, according to Mr Ion MOCANU Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Galati.
Among the winners of the 2015 Top of Companies from Galati it was also the "Danubius" University, Mr Associate Professor Andy PUȘCĂ, PhD, Rector of the University, receiving a diploma for business promotion and supporting the business environment from Galati.
Indeed, the "Danubius" University is a modern European university, dynamic, entrepreneurial, perfectly adapted to the contemporary society. It is one of the universities that has managed to adapt to the challenges of global development of entrepreneurship, which has shown flexibility, ability to adjust to the international labor market demands, the intensive use of new technologies and continuous exploration of new areas, and the constant concern to establish new degree programs that would prepare professionals in the business area. We exemplify the two new master degree programmes established within the Faculty of Economics, after consulting the requirements from the business environment, especially for those who wish to specialize in domains such as: Business administration in tourism and hospitality industry or Business Management in Trade and Tourism (taught also in English).


diploma topul firmelor copy

Also within the "Danubius" University there is the Danubius International Business School (DIBS), business school within which it was established a new and intensive program of Executive Master of Business Administration, accredited and globally recognized, the International MBA (IMBA), offered in English and designed to transfer to students the latest tools and techniques for making strategic management decisions that would ensure the success of the organization to which they belong.
In the recent years, the entrepreneurial portrait of the "Danubius" University was considered to be the standard, being presented as such at international scientific events: International Conference The Global Advancement of Universities and Colleges (AGAUC) held at Huanghe College of Science and Technology, the International Conference of SIAS University, in Henan Province, China; International Scientific Conference on the theme: "Sustainable development in Asia-Pacific by improved entrepreneurial knowledge exchange".
At the last international event, that brought at the round table discussions on issues that the universities are facing worldwide, the Conference of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) 24-30 July, the Suranaree University of Technology in Nakhon Ratchasima City, Thailand, the intervention of the Rector of "Danubius" University, Associate Professor Andy PUȘCĂ, PhD, has brought into the center of the debate the entrepreneurial profile of a university, a topic that will remain for a long time into the attention of world leaders in higher education. "We can talk months, years about entrepreneurial university. It would still not be enough. Each university will embrace its own model which must have leadership, management. A business approach in a university means success", said at the mentioned event Mr Andy PUȘCĂ, PhD, Rector of Danubius University.
Danubius University would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Galati for the honoring nomination in the 2015 Top of Companies from Galati and it insures the business environment that it will fulfill further the mission of an entrepreneurial university through training specialists and by fulfilling its role to be the main generator and provider of the new in education through research-development-innovation activities.

Head of Public Relations Office,
Ana Alina Ionescu DUMITRACHE


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