Faculty of Communication and International Relations

Alegeri Director Departament si membri in Consiliul Departamentului

Candidati pentru functia de Director Departament:
Conf.univ.dr. Iftode Florinel [CV] [Plan managerial]
Candidati pentru membri ai Consiliului Departamentului:
Conf.univ.dr. Sandache Cristian
Lect.univ.dr. Teodorascu Fanel

În conformitate cu Metodologia referitoare la procesul de stabilire și alegere a structurilor și funcțiilor de conducere la nivelul Universității „Danubius” din Galați,  luni, 19.10.2015, ora 14.00, are loc ședința de alegeri pentru funcția de director departament și de membri în Consiliul Departamentului de Comunicare si Stiinte Politice, din cadrul Facultății de Comunicare si Relatii Internationale, în sala A 38.


In “Danubius" University, the Faculty of  Communication and International Relations takes on the mission of training specialists, researchers and leaders in different fields, from the Eastern and South-Eastern part of the country, by getting involved in society’s debates and projects and in the shaping of a new development framework in a European context.

To answer these major components of the new field, the curriculum that we offer our students, through a teaching staff highly trained in the field, is in synchronization with

everything that happens nowadays on a national and international level and thus, such a diploma is recognized everywhere, through transfer credits. There are four publications in the faculty: Acta Universitatis Danubius Communicatio;

ActaUniversitatis Danubius Relationes Internationales; Styles of Communication and the Danubian Research and Studies Magazine. Besides, our students publish constantly in the UDG News school-magazine. The research projects and the partnerships with academic and research institutes at home and abroad, the International Conference “European integration – realities and perspectives", organized in May at “Danubius" University, the International Conference "The Danube - axis of European identity" organized each year on the 29th of June, the international mobility programmes offer our students many possibilities to prove themselves while they are still studying.



Senior Lecturer Daniela Popa | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Consultations schedule:

Dean’s Office, C3 | Tuesday, 12:00-14:00; Wednesday 12:00 - 16:00

Daniela Popa Tanase

The Faculty of Communication and International Relations constitutes a very attractive and future oriented opportunity.  Choosing our offer, you increase the chances of working in a high field of the public arena. You may choose from one of the three Bachelor programs:

 Communication and Public Relations

 International Relations and European Studies

 Management Assistance and Secretariat

 Or the Master’s programme - International Business and Economics

The graduates of the accredited Bachelor programme Communication and Public Relations may choose professions such as: public relations specialist, mediator, spokesperson, brand manager, business and entertainment organiser, fairs and exhibitions organiser, trainer, training organiser/consultant, professional competencies assessor, political communication consultant, online public relations specialist, press communication specialist.

After graduating the accredited Bachelor programme International Relations and European Studies, graduates may choose a diplomatic career or may work as counselors or experts in international affairs and European integration, in institutions and organizations belonging to European structures (at a local, national or international level); also, these graduates may work as international public servants, mass media specialists or for political parties, as negotiators specialized in conflict management, as European or international mediators, as trainers in the field of European integration, as analysts, or specialists that create and implement post-accession strategies and programmes.

The authorized Bachelor programme Management Assistance and Secretariat is part of the new offer of our faculty and aims to: train specialists able to understand and manage specific data; create a group of higher education professionals able to better correlate issues related to the central and local public administration, to companies and other public and private organizations; specialists capable of managing the development policies of Romanian society in the new European context.

The graduates of the Master’s programme International Business and Economics cancontribute, by their involvement in political life or in diplomacy, by ensuring consultancy and analysis, by applying international communication strategies, to the creation of a well trained professional group of European public servants.

Our study programmes offer, besides the fundamental information in the field, an array of disciplines that will shape your personality, will open new knowledge horizons and will turn you into a flexible person, able to take on the challenges of the future decades.

The Faculty of Communication and International Relations has a strong humanistic component, which will allow you to highlight your specific abilities and vocations, to develop your personality, through the competent guidance of professors, personalities from top knowledge fields.

A series of bilateral agreements with prestigious European universities, the international compatibility of study plans and the transfer credit system gives our students the opportunity of study abroad scholarships.

Your career starts with us!



Associate Professor Florin Iftode  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  C.V.

Consultations schedule: A34 | Thursday, between 12:00 - 14:00


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